Please apply by one week ago as much as possible. できるだけ1週間前までに申請してください。

If you can not submit this form, please email us the following contents.

As media, please fill in an accreditation form and send. Media pass will be available to pick up at Sakaiminato Public Marina from day one of the event. (★Required 必須)



Cell Phone ★(contact during the regatta)/ 携帯電話(大会中に連絡がとれるもの)

YOUR EMAIL ★ / メールアドレス

FOR CONFIRMATION ★ / 確認のためもう一度ご入力ください

Name of Media ★/ 媒体名

(e.g. N*K, C*N, J*PAN TIM*S, **新聞 etc…)

Address ★/ 所在地

Country ★/ 国

Phone Number ★/ 電話番号

Type of Media ★/ メディアの種類

Please mention the type of media if you choose "other" / その他を選んだ方は、具体的なメディア名をご記入ください

Title ★/ 肩書

Do you plan to cover/report the event at the venue?

Which event do you plan to cover/report? ★

Do you plan to go out on a press boat? ★

Preferred date ★ 乗船予定日
3 July4 Jyly5 July6 Jyly7 July8 July9 July18 July19 July20 July21 July22 July23 July24 July

Do you plan photo or movie shooting?

Do you plan to cover/report the opening ceremony?

Do you plan to cover/report the prize giving ceremony?

Your ID data ★ 身分証明書

Portrait data for application
If the above ID card is not with photo, please attach it.

☆This personal information is used for Media management of this event only, not for other uses.